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random stuff from daily experiences. the queen of all queer.
the fattest lolita alive.
up for some serious snacks.
a sane man in an insane world.
spaced out disc joker.
two monstrous creatures arguing over a street-side lamp.
who says bart can't twist those knobs?
milk bar euphoria.
hang your faith. it helps.



FGD EXPO 2007 Part II: Thug For Life (The Mobsters)

there's this wall bombing by our local street mobsters moguls.
too bad i'm not there during the 'bombing' session.
apparently i'm late.
24 hours late.

tutu tupai

yellow dino. or green dino..?



mm.. anyone?


Swapmeet Gets Sweaty

remember this?

well, here's the event, dood:


my new canvas.

that's a joke.
cheese burger, anyone?
my favorite stand.
too much sneakers freaks you out, eh?
no, we're not fighting over sneakers.
i just miss her so bad.
handmade necklaces?
Sou Brette, Zsou Zsou, Topnotch, you name it, they got it.
watcha laughin' at, dood?
the Footurama guys.
wish there's my size.

old folks reunion!!


The French Invaded Jakarta

Tahiti 80 concert. Nikko Hotel, Upper Room.
21st July.
booze. friends. pics.
Xavier Boyer aka. Axe Riverboy doing his 'thang' A combo set; Mr. Serial Killer Mederick and Xavier
i've warned you. he kills.
Pedro Resende on the move.
Pothead Panda
another incidental similarity
i heart this guy
because when i snatched them to Quirk It! he's still good at heart. me favorite producer. and panda. Axe Riverboy twisting knobs at the post-party, Dragonfly
Beavis & Butthead. Ren & Stimpy.
Dumb & Dumber. Pedro & Xavier.

why do people with closed minds open their mouth?

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