The French Invaded Jakarta

Tahiti 80 concert. Nikko Hotel, Upper Room.
21st July.
booze. friends. pics.
Xavier Boyer aka. Axe Riverboy doing his 'thang' A combo set; Mr. Serial Killer Mederick and Xavier
i've warned you. he kills.
Pedro Resende on the move.
Pothead Panda
another incidental similarity
i heart this guy
because when i snatched them to Quirk It! he's still good at heart. me favorite producer. and panda. Axe Riverboy twisting knobs at the post-party, Dragonfly
Beavis & Butthead. Ren & Stimpy.
Dumb & Dumber. Pedro & Xavier.


Spook Ville Manor

this is the kind of artcrafts that a 10-years-separated sisters will do..
if the older sister is sober.
we unleashed The Dream Intruders:
Le Hermaphroditte

Le Masque & Witchidsquid

Monsieur Booboo

Les Frankerillaz

and here they are.. intruding our dreams every night:


Rock and Rollers

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds.."
(The Beatles)
" Turn on, tune in, drop out."
(Timothy Leary R.I.P.) "To be peaceful without being stupid, to be interested without being compulsive, to be happy without being hysterical.. smoke grass!" (Ken Kesey) "Pot is a reality kick." (Anonymous)
"After midnight, all things are possible.."
(Timothy Leary, R.I.P.)

Poop Modus Operandi

i was sitting in the back side of my house two days ago.
(i can't call it a back yard, cause it's not a yard.
it's just an outdoor space at the back of the house)
that's where i use to sit at nights, wandering and stares to the moon. and brainstorming with myself.
you know, me and I.
then my dog came. he was trained to poop or pee in that 'area' only.
this is his 'walking pattern' before the pee and poop happens.

that's really.. awkward.

i dunno is it the dog or me, but the walking pattern,

the way he sniffs and stuffs.

what's in his mind, actually?

is he checking whether this certain area has been taken by others, cats perhaps?

why he didn't pee in one spot only, instead of two?

and why did he poop in front of me..?


Bearbricks are God's copyright

Yesterday i went to the rooftop in my temporary 'office’ (I’m still an interns neways). I looked down and realized the fact that most people doesn't look up when they're down there. I mean, from the ‘lil boy in blue shirt who’s talking to himself, the guy carrying eggs around in boxes, the driver keep on brushing the door panel of his boss' car for more than half an hour,
even this guy riding a motorbike with his girlfwend in black n white stripes shirt that stopped by just to hug each other and whispering things to each other. How roh-man-tic. nyahh. The motorbike-guy also scratches his scalp, and when the germs or those kutumbaba hanging tightly inside his fingernails, he sniff on it.
How disgusting is that? I even swallowed my Nescafe latte hardly when I saw him doing that. But then again, when the sunset finally came around, I think I saw some sort of a.. I dunno.. Like an antenna or something. i do believe in aliens. I think they all could watch us anytime and anywhere. When you're on the shower, when you fix your misplaced underwear, when you're farting silently, or even when you're in the middle of an intercourse. They may be invincible, or even a cockroach.
Maybe that’s why cockroaches are the only living being left when Nagasaki and Hiroshima was bombed with nuclear.
I wonder.. How the aliens did their reproduction?
If it’s true that they’re THAT technologic, they no longer do sexual intercourse, right?
I’ve met a few versions of aliens in my dreams.
One of them looks like a triangle troll with Mohawk greenish hair.
Trolls. Bearbricks. Fatcaps. Dunnys.
One of my God’s 10 Amendments is to never make something imitating His shape.
So that makes Bearbricks are Gsus’ copyright, yes? No?
And all those Daft Punk and Gorillaz figurines also?
Ahh, my charismatic poetic christianatic mother.


Electrollation Martian

electronic music + art installation?
me love MILITIA.
even though i'm too stoned to drive and get lost on my way there, twirling around in circles
for more than 7 times or so, but i made it anyway.
genius minds combined with live musical performance sounds too good to be true.
salute for those insatiable minds of art and absurdity.
this video installation from Julika Rudelius (Holland) is one of my fave of all.
it's a simulation of a mosh pit and.. umm.. u have to see it by yourself.
no words can describe it precisely as it meant to be. WOW.
military militia
a live video installation.
i wish i had more time just to sit down and watch the whole video.
turns out i only had the chance to captured a guy passing thru. well done, mate.
my long lost fella. freakazoid, you. anyways thanks for the beer.
you saved my live. any lollipops, dude?
ok america, show us your fucked up bush in a bunker. forever.
naaahhh. i dunno this guy,
but he surely mixed dub with electronic samples wickedly.


Benyamin Goes International.

last saturday night. embassy. agrikulture's "dawai damai" album launching.
astonishing live performance.
great grrreat teamwerk, almost like kraftwerk.
but this one comes with kompor mleduk.
read it this way: antonlure. see? post-modern-kraftwerk-like.
they blurred me out. no kidding.
hogi chaplin, everyone!! the newly wed heru. lookie. he's full of hearts :p wonderthings. but not at wonderbar. no noo.
oh my. that similar pose is coincidental.


tanj ung pri ok hunt ing

hunting about daily activities in the railway.
an actual proof of our govern's dickheads stoopid ideas.


Take Good Care of Your BOOBS

yipeekayayyyyy!! i just received my old SLR camera, the Canon EOS 30D, about an hour ago.
i told a friend of mine to 'upgrade' it with an infra red feature, you know,
the kind of camera tricks that can see through your shirts.
careful, bitches.
if there's anyone around doing candids with a red light from their lens,
it's very possible they're trying to captured your nipples. bwahahhahahahh.
but damnnnnn, this new cam is a total RADDD!!
i just tried a few shots (thanks to daddy-o), there's no noise or over-exposure whatsoever.
see it for yerself.

From Roxanne to Roxette

last saturday night i went to Public for some 80's style discotechro.
from Roxanne to Roxette, New Order and other 80's music-muses tracks mixed by Anton and Hogi,
teamed with great vibe, mates, a bit of dis-an-dat, we all had a very..humm..
80's hell of a night ;)
spaced out aditya
a nigga photog. watcha sayin', ray gun? JIGGA??
please. do SHOUT out LOUD.
who says DJs can't get wasted on the set?
get a room, dude.
feeling euphorically hype, lads..?
sorry, Mr. Anonymous. i'm on the rock, and off the rave.
mylo, girl vader, and kulkas.

why do people with closed minds open their mouth?

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