More Creature Than Human

Amongst all theories, statements, or even opinions from brainiacs all around the world, most of them mentioned The Humanism Theory in their explanation, or in educational context; lectures. Human being is the greatest creation of God, and ‘they’ say that’s because we have emotion, which is derived from our right brain, filled with aesthetic, emotions, sympathy and empathy, and so on. They say that aspect of internal factors is the only factor that differentiate George Bush and those purple toads from Suriname; human vs. animals. The big question is: Is it true? There’s this scientist whom I forgot his name, but he made some sort of an research, an observation about how different types of music could make a difference for lab rats experiments. Classic music makes them healthier, rock music makes them grumpy. Even this kind of observation is nonsense, IMO. How could such an experiment with a variable such as music, can be best described as rock and classic music as the only types of music qualified enough to determine the result of an observation? Stereotypes. Sigh.
In the other side, I once read about an experiment where different types of music could also determine the growth of plants. Now this may sound.. Looney. But almost all scientists are lunatics, right. That’s a statement, not a question. Have you met Einstein face to face? I met him in my dreams once, and his hair looks exactly the same like the one in his worldwide spreads images. Now.. Imagine if you’re a plant. Let’s say you’re Cannabis. Classic and pop music makes you grow faster, and blooms in minutes. (Now that’s a hyperbolic statement) But dance music and house music makes your leaves grow in its least quality, whatever. Scientific research has proved that it’s true and reliable. Very well then, Mr. Smart Ass. And now, as the inferior group of those geniuses, let us do the math. Human being has the ability to process everything their braincells received. That’s why they reacts to music. Trip Hop ballads from Portishead or Sigur Ros might trigger the depressing feeling within your mind. Italo Disco and Krautrock might increases your serotonin hormone and adrenaline rush, makes you want to dance, dance, dance, as if you're under the influence of amphetamines substance.
But then again, why do we feel depressed when we hear Massive Attack’s Teardrop tune on a random radio station? That’s because we have emotion, of course. But how did rats become healthier and marijuana grows faster when they listened to particular types of music? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the same concept from those theorists is implemented in the last two experiments, that means US (humans), are no different than animals. Or mammals. Or carnivores. Or cannabis. Or white lilacs and red roses. HUMAN reacts to music as a proof that we DO have emotions. Could someone please explain it to me, what about the rats and the marijuana..? Otherwise I’ll draw a conclusion by myself, and that'll make me an atheist. Because if I believe in Darwin’s theory that human beings are originated from the apes, then it’ll be a contradictory against my own beliefs. Oh, fuck it. We’re more creature than human.

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