Surreality vs. Hyperreal

I’m aware of the fact that human being is full of mysteries. Nobody could predict what’s in our mind precisely, just like nobody can understand us completely. It’s impossible to reach 100% similar field of experience in life. Only The Creator has the authority to access that other side of our life. Come to think of it, human beings nowadays started to scare the hell out of me. I saw these tendencies, many tendencies becoming more and more habitual every day. They covered up their life, their daily routines, with this pseudo-mask to portray a pseudo-world, causing us to live in a pseudo-reality. And that makes us.. what? Hypothetically speaking.. The Greatest Creation of God? Or mediocre homo sapiens? Look around. Switch your meticulous mode on. Smell the view, see the sweats. It’s everywhere. They’re imminent. You can run, yet you can’t hide. We sweat the small stuffs, and ignore the humongous stuffs that matters. Or is it the small stuff that matters..? Or the big stuff is innocuous..? I can barely tell the difference no more.
Ever feel like you’re one of them? Have you ever went to a party you didn’t even want to attend, but you felt that you have some obligation to do so, just because your hello-then-goodbye friend told you to come over because he/she’s gonna spin the vinyl when you bumped into that person at some random place? And we justify it with the label “social-being.” Have you ever hurt someone’s feeling? Just because you know that you’ve done something wrong to that person, but that pompous heart of yours told you not to apologize? Then you’re being repulsive, denying the fact that it is a paradoxical scene that you’re supposed to solve, and we justify it with the label “position means power” or even worse; "love hurts." Have you ever seen those images or videos of war? That costs more innocent souls than you can imagine, and you know that their government’s only concern is the soil left to burry the corpses, but you just stay put and sit still in your sleazy leather couch, potato couching and stuffing microwave-heated popcorns into your mouth, showing a glimpse of sympathy for a second, then changed the channel, snubbed those feelings away and go on with your life like nothing happened? And we justify it with “Oh, let’s not worry about something we didn’t need to think about. It happened in the other side of the world anyways.” or even worse; “They already have authorized peoples to take care of them. We can do nothing, because we’re nobody. We are not that astute enough to change the world.” Ever read an article that explains about how the symptoms of global warming becoming more blatant and obvious, damaging and dangerous day by day, but you put down the magazine, walked out into your vehicle that produces a massive amount of carbon dioxide along with other vehicles you passed by on the way to your 35 stories high office building with mirrors all over the skyscraper, causing a glass house effect that leads to another damage toward the earth’s ultra violet shields, which we should overhaul instead of ignoring it? And we justify it with “One small change wouldn’t change the whole world.” or worse; “We didn’t build the goddamn buildings, so go mind your own fucking business!”
A concrete state of reality has changed its form into a formal delusion that we’ve created to hide our guilt. The reality itself, is covered up with ‘other reality’, which I may call the ‘hyper real’ world, where the real ‘reality’ doesn’t appear as the real one anymore. The real ‘reality’ has gone far more beyond that. It became ‘surreal.” And may I ask.. How concrete is surreal? Go ask yourself. Which side of reality are you living in right now? Are you hyper real? Or are you plain surreal? And that should lead us to the final curiosity; What is real? And this is the point where I should leave. So you guys can think with your contaminated brains. Civilizations made a troglodyte out of us. Dig out some reality. See if you can still find any.

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